TMdrive® -10e2 Low Voltage Drive


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Low Voltage Drives


TMEIC's TM-10 family of low-voltage system drives has been designed to lower your cost of ownership with numerous space-saving and maintenance features. The family has several classes of components: 

  • TMdrive-10 inverters
  • TMdrive-D10 diode non-regenerative converters
  • TMdrive-T10 thyristor regenerative converters
  • TMdrive-P10 IGBT regenerative converters



TMdrive-10 Features and Benefits
Design Feature Customer Benefit
Draw out inverters for applications up to 130 kVA. Each inverter is mounted on heavy-duty slides with staggered DC bus connectors on the back that connect with the bus when slid into the cabinet
  • Compact footprint for low-power applications
  • Draw out design enables a mean time to repair of 15 minutes
Draw out phase leg assemblies for applications above 130 kVA. Each assembly includes the IGBTs, heat pipe cooling plate, and IGBT gate driver circuit board Draw out design enables a mean time to repair of 30 minutes
Captive fasteners throughout Eliminates the chance of loose fittings falling into adjacent equipment
Ethernet interface with all inverters for configuration and monitoring High-performance data exchange for trending of process variables
Virtual keypad enables remote control of drive for maintenance activities Eliminates the need for local control of the inverter
Inverter based capture buffers for fault conditions and process events Provides high-resolution (microseconds) data capture for analysis of inverter faults or process events