BF5 Series


HOTLINE HỖ TRỢ: (08) 3848 7799 (8h - 18h)
* Available in dual and single display models
* Dual digital display for displaying current value and set value (BF5□-D)
* 5 response speeds
   - Ultra-fast mode (50 ㎲), fast mode (150 ㎲), standard mode (500 ㎲), long-distance mode (4 ms), ultra-long-distance mode (10 ms)
* Display range: 0-4000 (standard mode), 0-9999 (long-distance mode)
* Saturation prevention function: prevent errors from saturation of received light
* Inverted display: invert displays depending on installation for easier reading
* Long term stability without diode deterioration and minimal influence from temperature changes
* Simple sensitivity adjustment settings
* Multiple sensitivity setting modes
   - Auto-tuning, one-point teaching (maximum sensitivity), two-point teaching, position teaching
* Mutual interference prevention allows adjacent installation (up to 8 units) with side connectors
* Auto channel setting function for easy configuration of multiple units
* Various LED light sources (red, green, blue) available for diverse applications
* Slim and compact design (W 10 x H 30 x L 70 mm)


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